Stroke Syndromes

Author: Julien Bogousslavsky

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  • ISBN: 9780511586521
  • Author: Julien Bogousslavsky
  • Publ Date: 2010-05-17
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  • Imprint: Datawash
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Table of Contents :

Preface to 1st edition; Part I. Clinical Manifestations: 1. Stroke onset and courses Haruko Yamamoto, Masayasu Matsumoto, Kazuo Hashikawa and Masatsugu Hori; 2. Clinical types of transient ischemic attacks Gaeme J. Hankey; 3. Hemiparesis and other types of motor weakness Pinho E. Melo; 4. Sensory abnormalities Jong Song Kim; 5. Cerebrellar ataxia Dagmar Timmann and Hans Christopher Diener; 6. Headaches: strokes symptoms and signs Conrado J. Estol; 7. Eye movement abnormalities Charles Pierrott-Deseilligny; 8. Cerebral visual dysfunction Jason J. S. Barton and Louis R. Caplan; 9. Visual symptoms (eye) Shirley H. Wray; 10. Vestibular syndromes and vertigo Marianne Dieterich and Thomas Brandt; 11. Auditory dysfunction R. Hausler and R. A. Levine; 12. Abnormal movements Joseph Ghika and Julien Bogousslavsky; 13. Seizures and stroke Anne Abbott, Christopher F. Bladin and Geoffrey A. Donnan; 14. Disturbances of consciousness and sleep-wake functions Claudio Bassetti; 15. Aphasia and stroke Andrew Kertesz; 16. Agitation and delirium John C. M. Brust; 17. Frontal-lobe syndromes Paul J. Eslinger and Raymond K. Reichwein; 18. Memory loss Jose M. Ferro and Isabel P. Martins; 19. Neurobehavioural aspects of deep hemisphere Jose M. Ferro; 20. Right hemisphere syndromes Stephanie Clarke; 21. Poststroke dementia Dider Leys and Florence Pasquier; 22. Disorders of mood behaviour F. Ghika-Schmid and Julien Bogousslavsky; 23. Agnosias, apraxias, callosal dysconnexion syndromes Patrik Vuilleumier; 24. Muscle, peripheral nerve and autonomic changes Thierry Kuntzer and Bernard Waeber; 25. Dysarthia Paolo Santalucia and Edward Feldmann; 26. Dysphagia and aspiration syndromes Mark J. Alberts and Jennifer Horner-Catt; 27. Respiratory dysfunction Francois Vingerhoets and Julien Bogousslavsky; 28. Clinical aspects and correlates of stroke recovery M. Altieri, Vittorio Di Piero, E. Vicenzini and Gian Luigi Lenzi; Part II. Vascular Topographic Syndromes: 29. Arterial territories of human brain Laurent Tatu, Thierry Moulin, Julien Bogousslavsky and Henri Duvernoy; 30. Superficial middle cerebral artery Jean-Philippe Neau and Julien Bogousslavsky; 31. Lenticulostriate arteries Patrick Pullicino; 32. Anterior cerebral artery John C. M. Brust, Tohru Sawada and Seiji Kazui; 33. Anterior choroidal artery Philippe Vuadens and Julien Bogousslavsky; 34. Thalamic infarcts and hemorrhages A. Barth, Julien Bogousslavsky and Louis R. Caplan; 35. Caudate infarcts and hemorrhages Chin-Sang Chung, Hye-Seung Lee and Louis Caplan; 36. Posterior cerebral artery Claudia J. Chaves and Louis R. Caplan; 37. Large and panhemispheric infarcts Stefan Schwarz, Stefen Schwab and Werner Hacke; 38. Multiple, multilevel, and bihemispheric infaracts Emre Kumral; 39. Midbrain infarcts Marc Hommel and Gerard Besson; 40. Pontine infarcts and hemorrhages Chin-Sang Chung and Louis R. Caplan; 41. Medullary infarcts and hemorrhages Bo Norrving; 42. Cerebellar stroke syndromes P. Amarenco; 43. Extended infarcts in the posterior fossa (brainstem/cerebellum) Barbara Tettenborn; 44. Border-zone infarcts Eric Bernd Ringelstein and Florian Stobauer; 45. Classical lacunar syndromes John Bamford; 46. Putaminal hemorrhages Kazuo Minematsu and Takenori Yamaguchi; 47. Lobar hemorrhages Carlos Kase; 48. Intraventricular hemorrhages Peter Colin Gates; 49. Subarachnoid hemorrhages syndromes J. van Gijn and G. J. E. Rinkel; 50. Brain venous thrombosis syndromes Caroline Arquizan, Jean-Francois Mas and Jean-Louis Meder; 51. Carotid occlusion syndromes Francois Nicoli and Julien Bogousslavsky; 52. Syndromes related to large artery thromboembolism within the vertebrobasilar arterial system Louis Caplan; 53. Spinal stroke syndromes Matthias Sturzenegger; Index.


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